Lara Jay Hequet

Founder, Superpower My Life

ICF PCC Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist,                      

Holistic Nutritionist, Chef, Entrepreneur

"I believe in Life and in its beauty. My life experiences include terminal cancer, a broken heart shattered into a million pieces, the challenges in being a single parent, leaving everything owned and everyone known to start again and then again. Each human being has amazing potential.  We are all interconnected. I believe in the mystery that is to be unlocked from every chaos. I believe in you"

I coach beautiful humans who are stuck in a whirlwind of chaos due to life changing events to rewire their belief systems, to regain their health, to reboot their heart, to recreate work they love, to redesign their wealth so that they become extraordinarily human with superpowers

Learn to wear your life

with an unburdened mind

in a body that plays in movement, choosing good whole food for wellness and create your own business

The story of  Super Power My Life thus far.

Once upon a time, an ordinary person with a wild soul was living her life on this amazing planet, Earth. There was always an aura of wonder about how the scenes of life unfolded around her. Joy, enthusiasm, and love also brought sadness, heartbreak, confusion, frustration and big, fat 'boo boos'.

In time, she became aware of people with massive creative powers who were trapped in the cages of their own limitations. People who were becoming weary carrying weight of their own illusions. 

She had the experience, she gained the skills, she committed to live her best life and began enabling others of her kind to do more with their awesomeness.

I value that a good life includes chaos and pain. 

I work with people who are not ordinary. People who want everything from the one life they are living.

The main ingredients of my skills

My life has been blessed with a capacity to learn, to experience and to create a versatile amount of skills that come together beautifully like a good recipe.                                     Contact us here for information regarding detailed professional qualifications, if required.


International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach for ten years. Personal and Teams. Being the best we can be. 

Food  Magician

Swiss hotel school graduate and chef. Thirty seven years and more in creating, managing, correcting all things within the food industry.

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Unblocking belief systems in the subconscious that no longer serve  and replacing them with belief systems that take us to awesome.

Experienced Human Being

Experienced and fully attentive, humble and adaptable. Curious, with a generous sprinkle of wonder. 

Holistic Nutritionist

Accredited and experienced for eighteen years. Food source, food strategies, food habits and food preparations. 

Enneagram Practitioner

Accredited and creative. An understanding of behaviour and natural patterns of actions and reactions.

My Values and Mission

"I dedicate my commitment and care to you" - Lara Jay Hequet

Own your wellness

The package of your life includes your mind, your body, your heart, your work, your relationships, your spirit and the mysterious other things we do not know. You being well is the most important asset that you own.

Convert your chaos and pain into your Superpowers

Living requires us to move forward. Sometimes we move in the best direction and sometimes we move in the worst direction. Chaos and pain come from living life. We choose what happens next.

Create your own recipe for life

Expectations, social norms exist. You exist, too. One life. What is your design?

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