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Courses created to keep you in wonder and wanting more.

                           Some questions. There will always be more. 

How is learning from your courses an investment for me?

Learning is an investment allowing us the ability to evolve. When we can evolve, we are expanded to receive more possibilities. Possibilities allow us to create more wealth and abundance. Like seasons, our lives are constantly shifting and changing. Courses at Super Power My Life are designed for the mind, the body, the spirit, the heart and all the beautifully complicated elements that make up a life. We believe that it is important to learn using real life examples and in having fun when learning. 

What is the difference between ordinary and extraordinary?

Ordinary is a word that is available to everyone. The experience is not the same for everyone but it is available to everyone. Extraordinary requires something extra as the word itself implies. This little bit of extra provides the best flavours, experiences and achievements to any life. 

What are superpowers according to you?

Human Superpowers involve the ability to convert life events and experiences, especially the painful and difficult ones, to strengths and gifts to create a powerful life.

Will you always have answers to all my questions?

No. But we will promise to do our very best to support you, your life adventures and your life expansions.